jeff schlarb

As principal designer, Jeff has completed hundreds of design projects, overseeing each stage of the process from beginning to end. With a gifted eye and a background in creative advertising and design, Jeff’s designs seamlessly integrate the structural and architectural features of a home with soft décor and subtle nuances. His vision reaches beyond the visual to the composition and mood of a home and space, with a focus on the people who will live and visit there and how they will experience it. Whether he is creating a beautiful space within a small condo or a 6,000-square-foot home, Jeff brings an approachable elegance to each of his projects, drawing inspiration from the families that will occupy the homes, as well as his own favorite clothiers, craftsmen, architects and fellow designers. His own world is full of creativity that surpasses window treatments and accessories, as a doting father and husband, global traveler, guitar player and all around optimist.